Audio/Video/Blog Resources

Confessing Lutheran Audio Books

Original audio books narrated by Confessing Lutheran contributors. Works include those of Jan Hus, Martin Luther, CFW Walther, and more to come.

Scholastic Lutherans YouTube

Scholastic Lutherans is a collaborative YouTube channel that creates content on Lutheranism and scholasticism.

Just & Sinner Podcasts, YouTube, and Blog

Just & Sinner is a publisher founded by Rev. Dr. Jordan B. Cooper. His work includes a theology blog, theology podcasts, theology videos, and a publishing house that puts out confessional Lutheran writings. The publishing house additionally founded the Weidner Institute, which has online courses on theology for an affordable price.

Rev. Jonathan Fisk’s Website/Worldview Everlasting YouTube

Rev. Jonathan Fisk has a frequent YouTube livestream and short videos discussing Lutheran theology. His YouTube channel also hosts a large volume of YouTube videos from the now defunct Worldview Everlasting YouTube series. He has also published multiple books.

Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller’s Website, YouTube, and Podcasts

Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller writes theology articles, makes theology YouTube videos, and has a Lutheran radio show. He has also published multiple books.

Rev. David Jay Webber’s Website

Rev. David Jay Webber maintains an old website on Angelfire on Lutheran theology. While the site is dated, it is an excellent resource on deep Lutheran theology.

Tom in Okinawa Blog and Text Resources

Tom in Okinawa is a blog website that also hosts many Lutheran texts from dogmaticians. He has works by Luthardt, Krauth, H.E. Jacobs, R.F. Weidner, Pieper, Walther, Hollaz, and other Lutheran dogmaticians hosted on his blog.

Word Fitly Spoken Blog and Podcasts

Word Fitly Spoken is a blog and podcast by Rev. Willie Grills and Rev. Zelwyn Heide on Lutheran theology with a casual atmosphere.

Boars in the Vineyard Podcast

Boars in the Vineyard was a weekly theological and practical podcast hosted by Pastors Lewis Polzin and Tim Winterstein. The podcast is focused on pastoral and practical theology as it pertains to life in the world.

Issues Etc: LCMS Radio

Issues Etc is a daily podcast and radio program covering topics from theology to world events from a confessional Lutheran (LCMS) perspective.


KFUO LCMS Radio is a publishing site for live radio, podcasts, and news articles from a Confessional Lutheran perspective. Content covers world events, culture, theology, and hymnody.

Flaneur Record Conferences and Lectures

Flaneur Record’s YouTube channel hosts videos of conferences and lectures from notable LCMS events and classes from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne.