YouTube, Revisions, and new Audiobooks – Blog update

It has been some time since my last blog post. I’ve been occupied with other projects. Some of that work has been for future blog updates.

I started a YouTube channel for this blog, which will host the same audiobooks I’ve hosted on this blog, and maybe some original content if I find the time or desire to do so. I also have begun recordings for a new audiobook– this one more lengthy, though still more of an essay than a true book, another very important book by Luther adjacent to the confessions. All audiobooks in the future will be uploaded both to my YouTube and to this site.

A friend has also helped me with revisions to my blog posts. I have not made these revisions yet, but they will be coming in the future, and I’ll make a blog post notifying that the revisions have been made. In addition, these revisions will be helpful in a more ambitious project to be released (hopefully) in the future– a book format apology for Lutheranism, against other Protestant traditions. This will be a reformatted, revised edition of the soteriology and sacramentology blog posts in PDF format. It will also include some more explanations and opening and closing chapters discussing some context for the readers. I want this to be something that can be sent to Protestant friends that would perhaps convince them of Lutheranism, without needing too much introduction to the subject. I’ve decided to stay away from other topics (such as Christology or Theology proper) due to the depth required to understand the difference between the Lutheran view and other Protestant traditions. Work has already begun, but I’m still in the beginning of the book. I might, in the future, offer the book in print format (properly printed and bound), but I cannot guarantee this. If I get there, I’ll make a post certainly.

The blog post on double predestination that has been hinted on the homepage will come eventually and will be included in the book. I have the scripture references and some content from the fathers; I just haven’t taken the time to write out the post, but it will come.

Thanks for reading!

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